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A Muskoka Heritage


Pictured Here: Rene M. Caisse, Essiac tea developer

You can order the Essiac tea mixture from us by calling the store at 1.705.645.5471 or emailing us at We ship domestically and internationally.

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Essiac is a native herbal remedy that was obtained, modified and refined by Rene Caisse, (Caisse is Essiac spelled backwards) a local Muskoka nurse. Rene Caisse dedicated her life to the Essiac recipe, at great personal cost, determined as she had witnessed first hand the powerful healing properties of the mixture. The recipe is made up of four commonly used herbs: burdock root, powdered sheep sorrel*, powdered slippery elm bark, and powdered turkey rhubarb. The herbs are prepared as a decoction, diluted in water and sipped as tea. We are honoured to offer a proprietary blend of the four herb formula that Rene Caisse created in our small Muskoka town, where she practiced her life’s work, and became world renowned.

*Our consciously sourced Sheep Sorrel is a herb powder that has been approved by master herbalists for use in our proprietary blend. It has been used in our formula for decades and has been proven extremely effective for thousands of people all over the world. If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to call us at the store.  705. 645. 5471



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