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* Helping families live naturally.

We are honored to offer a proprietary blend of the four herb formula that Rene Caisse made.

Essiac is a native herbal remedy that was obtained, modified and refined by Rene Caisse, (Caisse is Essiac spelled backwards) a local Muskoka nurse. Rene Caisse dedicated her life to the Essiac recipe, at great personal cost, determined as she had witnessed first hand, the powerful healing properties of the mixture. 

Vitamins & Supplements

Here at the Muskoka Natural Food Market, we pride ourselves on 30 years of experience, and stand by the quality of the natural supplements that we sell.

Deli Lama

The Deli Lama is our in house vegetarian & vegan deli-style restaurant.  The Deli Lama offers our customers healthful options for almost any diet.


Our health food store, in Bracebridge, has been a staple in the town for over 30 years. It began as a labor of love for a young woman who had an intense passion for holistic health and wellness. Her vision was to create a space where those looking for natural health products could not only come to shop, they could stay and enjoy a variety of delicious ready-to-eat whole food meals that cater to virtually all dietary restrictions. The health food store became quite a hit, so much so that a few eager local entrepreneurs took notice and expressed serious interest in keeping the health food store alive, once the current owner decided to embark on an incredibly deserved journey into retirement. The young entrepreneurs worked tirelessly to find a new home for the old store. They had a huge vision. The refashioned Muskoka Natural Food Market was born. The new store is home to a massive living green wall that welcomes you into the space like a fresh hug from the great outdoors. Round the corner and the incredible smells of fresh baked goods and hearty home cooked meals will lead you straight to the Deli Lama and Buddha's Bakery. The gift section is filled with beautiful creations from local artisans and the grocery section provides healthy options that cater to all dietary needs. The vitamin and supplement collection has been carefully selected and is made up of the highest quality products on the market. The Muskoka Natural Food Market lives on and continues to be a community hub for health conscious locals and summer cottagers alike.

Indoor, Climatized Stoage Units

Come check out our Bakery!

Buddha’s Bakery and Café was born out of  the demand from our loyal MNFM customers, who loved our baked (gluten free, vegan) creations featured in our beloved Deli Lama.  Well, we listened up, and now Muskoka has a place to come for delicious baked goods with a variety of restricted dietary options!

229 Manitoba St.

Bracebridge, Ontario

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CANADA - 705. 645. 5471